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Today's Education and Abortion: Theology matters for humanity.

We are bombarded with the information that supports abortion through medias. What the messages behind these theory and ideology are stunning. We hear a lot about evolutionary theory and liberal theology without us recognizing the connection between those ideas and abortion. Those ideology are a preparation of what is coming to our nation. If we do not have a reasoning to think properly, we might miss the message of God.



Liberal Theology: is a man-cetered religion, not a God-centered religion. Liberalism denies the Bible as the Words of God, God, Jesus Christ and Salvation. 

Process Theology:

In fact, Charles Hartshorne, the father of process theology, would say that God is continually adding to himself all the experiences that happen anywhere in the universe, and thus God is continually changing. The real appeal of process theology comes from the fact that all people have a deep longing to mean something, to feel significant in the universe. Process theologians dislike the doctrine of God’s immutability because they think it implies that nothing we do can really matter to God.

Grudem, Wayne A. (2009-05-18). Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine (p. 166). Zondervan. Kindle Edition. 


As a man thinkth, so is he" in How Should We Then Live by Francis A. Schaeffer. Denying creation does not stop at the debate between science and religion. It goes deeper than that. Those scientific idea is preparing the mind of young generation to eliminate their own offspring in making it rational by accepting  abortion as a normal medical procedure. Genesis 1-4 is important to understand and believe in the issue of pro-Life.

The Evolutionary Theory degrades human and makes people to think that human has no value or significance, and easily disposable.

"Everybody and everything matters because nobody and nothing is an accident. God made it all. He made it for a purpose. from Blueprint in Bedlam: God's Plan Amid the Chaos" Dr. Kent DelHousaye.